Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Tumbleweed in the desert

I've not updated this blog for almost a year... and I want to fix it. So let us start with a resolution summary and 2014 resolution.

Here we go!

This post will contain the summary of the whole year. I cannot leave my former behind without being honest with myself and writing down the overall 2013-progress. Get set, ready, GO!

Let us start with the downers, the productivity I wanted to achieve was not achieved. That is the biggest hit, it was my most desirable determinations to get. Exercise did not go so well, I failed miserably, nothing to add to that. Learning to draw the human figure did not go as bad, but I perceived my skills to be better by the end of the year and they did not. My Underweight problem has gotten less of a problem gradually. Acne problem did not went away, but it did not became a bigger problem, using my meds, they keep it stable, my doctor said it will continue till I will be 30+, so fight on!

Now for the ups, my vocabulary improved a lot, read more books, spoke to a lot of people and am in a process of writing my own story, so hurray! Visual Library definitely improved, discovered so many great artists, sketched in various places, saw things, new things! I could tell you that this was the biggest success of them all. With health still in mind I did a good job on cutting off junk food out of my diet. Before, I occasionally went to buy my dose of fast food (6 wings and chips/french-fries), now I rarely even look at that direction, staying hydrated eating a lot of fruit and vegetables.

In conclusion I would like to congratulate everyone who did better than me, and for those who did worse - I hope you'll step up your game as I do with in my next years resolution.

Let me get a glass of water and start on the next post.

Let us continue.

This post is all about 2014 and my imaginative fireplace.

As my internal battles are going from previous years I will add some more wood into the fire. First block of wood, but of course - productivity, the main issue which is always haunting me is laziness. And of course the change won't be instant, but gradual (I'll chop that block into smaller pieces to let the flames spread). Adding another block - line quality. I love to sketch, I really do, but I often find myself pressing too hard the pencil onto the paper or making "chicken scratches" all over the place. To keep the fireplace flaming on throughout the year I will not throw all the wood block at once, the fire would not get enough oxygen! Blocks of anatomy studies with a lot other stuff will go into the fire too! The fire won't be stagnant, but it will fly from place to place, visit interesting areas and while doing so, it will get healthier and exercise much more! Each fireplace is each life and the more you add to it the more beautifully it burns. Alas, every fireplace ends to burn and once it is so, it better be a big pile of the most beautiful ash humanity has ever seen...

P.S. Happy New Year!

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